Important and effective ways to burglar proof your front door

burglar proof your front doorThe front door is the first line of the defense when it comes to the security of the home and as one of the most welcomed doors will be also leaving the way to the front door so it should be protected properly. Over the 200,000 burglaries have been recorded in the USA every year with the 70% of the home invaders entering through the front door due to the inefficient and ineffective security plan system. When you protect your home with the burglarproof you need to be very clear conscious that all the bases are covered because the breaking of the burglarproof does not take too much of time and the most of the burglars will be having the tool to pick the lock. The following are the some of the most effective ways to have the burglarproof for your front door.

  • Upgrade the locking mechanism – Every exterior door will be having the at least 2 locks to deter the thieves from breaking it where the door will be having its own standard lock built with the doorknob but the most effective way to protect and secure home is to completely install the deadbolt block.
  • Install solid door – The front doors will often undergo lots of wear and tear so for protecting the home you need to upgrade to the door and replace it with the smart and strong door. Always choose the front door material as a solid wood because the wood material will be so strong enough then the fiberglass material. The metal and steel doors are found to be popular for their durability and strength where both fiberglass and steel doors can also be stained for the charismatic wood appeal.
  • Make invest in the security screens – For those who don’t have the fencing installed in the extra boundary area can use the security screens as an alternative method and it is of cost-effective. Always choose the security screen that has the strong frame like aluminum or the steel and when you install the solid mesh screen then it will provide you the better layer of the security during the warmer months.

It is good to consider the reinforcing your front door and making sure that the entryway is well lit and maintained and more over keeping the front porch area and the pathway doors will be more helpful and the timer and sensor lights are  ideal for the security.

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