How to change the cylinder in a door lock

The cylindrical door locks for the entry doors are used for the internal keyed locking mechanisms and that too by utilizing an internal lock. It would interact with the trim of the door and you can operate them by inserting or removing the bar which is turned via through a key or handle. These types of lockers are generally installed in the stand-alone format but you can find some variation in their size of the cylinder that had been fitted.

cylinder in a door lock

Here are the few steps through which you can able to easily change up your cylinder

  • At first, you have to remove the faceplates in standalone lock cylinder that too through the screw.
  • There you have to locate your cover plate on the interior side of the door.
  • You have to remove the plates covering the lock mechanisms after that you have to remove and trim on door handles.
  • If you want to remove then you have to unscrew it around on the base of the door handle.
  • When you are working up with the handle and lock combination and remove the screws and in handle knob.

Then after that you have to place the flat-headed screwdriver into spindle in the center of the lock cylinder. After that, you have to unlock it by turning the screwdrivers in a counter clockwise. You have to align in the square tab in the cylinder with the square notch. You have to locate that spring loaded in the tab that too in outside edge of the spindle. After that, you have to remove the spindle in flat headed screwdrivers into spindle housing holes. You have to gently apply pressure to tab while you push into the spindle hole against the internal cylinder. After completing you have to reverse the process to install your new lock cylinder.

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